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The Knuckles Mountain Range

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The Knuckles Mountain Range is one of the finest destinations in Sri Lanka for an exciting backpacking, hiking, and camping adventure. With its numerous mountain trails, the Knuckles Mountain Range offers hikers a great opportunity for a hike across forests, rivers, waterfalls, tea plantations and terraced paddy fields. And if you do a multi-day-trek with one of the experienced guides that we are working with, you can set up your camp under the stars.
Named after the resemblance of knuckles of a human hand, the Knuckles Mountain Range is one of the most famous spots for nature loving travellers, especially for hikers. Apart from its sheer beauty and majestic stature, Knuckles Mountain Range camping is one of the top activities to do. It is one of the most favourite camping areas by many hikers both locally and internationally. If you see the Knuckles Mountain Range map, you will be able to see mountains ranging at different heights and sizes that bring the resemblance of the knuckles of a fist. Knuckles Mountain Range is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Sri Lanka.
Knuckles is also home to many mammals, and some are endemic to Sri Lanka. Some of the most famous mammals in the forests of the Knuckles Mountain Range Sri Lanka, are wild boar, leaf monkey with a purple face, porcupine, and spotted deer. There are a lot of endemic species of lizards in these beautiful forests too; they are only to be found in the Knuckles Mountain Range forests in Sri Lanka.

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