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Sri Lanka is also known as a hiking destination. There are trails for all sorts of experience levels, from easy walks to more intense treks. The country also has over 400 waterfalls, many hikes include one or more of these waterfalls. So put on your hiking shoes, pack your camera, and put sunscreen on, for here are a few of the best hiking trails in Sri Lanka.

Meditation sites

In Sri Lanka meditation is popular. Buddhist meditation helps you to transform the mind. The 2 main forms of meditation practised at the centres are Theravada Buddhism, which emphasises meditative development of mindfulness and concentration, and the Vipassana style of meditation, which concentrates on breathing. Sri Lanka has many meditation centres located in various parts. We will find the best match for you.

Yoga sites

Sri Lanka has the best yoga ashrams after India. With the tropical nature of Sri Lanka yoga is a trending activity in Sri Lanka. SriLankan Pearl can provide you the best yoga experiences, from group sessions on the beach to private yoga classes in inspiring environments.
Traditional Ayurvedic medicine

Traditional Ayurvedic medicine

Sri Lanka’s indigenous medicine Ayurveda has its origins linked to the 3000-year-old native habitants of the land known as the Balangoda man (manavaya). With its ancient history, traditional Ayurveda medicine is still practised today in the country. We will arrange for you to get lessons in Ayurvedic medicines, where you will be taught the unique methods of Ayurveda. Also, SriLankan Pearl can arrange for you Ayurvedic treatments or treatment- and wellness programs.

Things to do
in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s tropical nature is one of the most exotic natures in the world. Most tropical species like slender loris, leopards, wild cats and jungle cats, sloth bears and elephants can be witnessed in Sri Lanka. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is also famous for migrating and indigenous birds.