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The island of Sri Lanka has one of the most diversified cultural populations in the world. Sri Lankan culture comprises several practices and rituals that stretch back more than 2000 years and have been passed down through generations. It’s both indigenous and developed through history, commerce, religion, and western colonialism by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English. Exploring the Sri Lankan heritage and culture is actually very interesting, like the amazing nature.

Sri Lanka’s indigenous people, the ‘Veddas’, have a history dating back thousands of years. These days they still continue to carry forward the legacy of their ancestors, in remote corners of the island. We can provide a unique opportunity for our guests to experience the fascinating lifestyle which is still continued by our indigenous tribes.

Other than that, Sri Lanka is especially known for its Buddhist heritage, and it was on this island that the first known writings of Buddha were composed. However, the archaeology of human occupation on the island goes back many, many thousands of years. Places like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya and Kandy express the prestige of Sri Lankan culture. During your round tour on the island, let SriLankan Pearl take you to amazing, well-known sites as well as less known, un-touristic sites to show you the archaeological and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean, and you can find many different landscapes and a variety of environmental diversity there. Within 300 kilometres you can visit any corner of the island.