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At Kanneliya Rain Forest Reserve you will discover what it’s like to wander in a tropical rainforest. The second-largest tract of natural vegetation in Sri Lanka is the KDN Forest Reserve complex (Kanneliya-Dediyagama-Nakiyadeniya), which is recognized for its significance as a watershed. Kanneliya in Sri Lanka is 170 kilometres from Colombo and not far from Galle, and you will feel a rainforest experience without any human interaction.

According to the Kanneliya map, you would recognize the Gin Ganga and Nilwala Ganga passing through the Kanneliya forest reservoir by feeding this ever-green forest. This world recognized Kanneliya in Sri Lanka has been tagged as the South Asian floristically richest area because of its true natural beauty. Also, it consists of over 17% of wet zone flora and some endemic flora and fauna which gives scientific value to Kanneliya. If you have searched about this natural habitat, you would get lost with mind-blowing Kanneliya photos, especially the Kanneliya waterfalls. The Anagimale Falls and Narangas Ella, a stunning white cascade approximately 2 kilometres from the Kanneliya entrance on a broad path, are leaping over several enormous stones scattered throughout the stream bank.

If you are planning to visit Kanneliya nature park, we will make sure to get the best guide tracker for you to get the best experience and knowledge, and take the best nature photos. If you stay overnight in one of the hotels in Kanneliya, you can have a mesmerising wildlife experience with a greenery background. There are a lot of unexplored areas in Kanneliya that you can experience along with your professional area guide.

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Nature is at its best and diverse in every part of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. There are numerous opportunities to explore tropical nature and wildlife while holidaying in Sri Lanka.