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White Water Rafting

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Sri Lanka’s central region is filled with mountains and has many rivers. The water flowing at speed through rough terrain becomes bubbly, and we call this white water. Rafting in Sri Lanka through these turbulent waters, you will feel a sense of adventure.

White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka is popular because of several reasons: it is a great time to see wildlife, especially birds of many species, and having a sudden adrenaline rush in the turbulent white waters, the rapids. Other than that, the area is also great for waterfall hiking, abseiling and canyoning.

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Sri Lanka’s tropical nature is one of the most exotic natures in the world. Most tropical species like slender loris, leopards, wild cats and jungle cats, sloth bears and elephants can be witnessed in Sri Lanka. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is also famous for migrating and indigenous birds.