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Hot Air Ballooning

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Surrounded by the blue ocean, covered with jungle areas, beautiful lakes and hill country with the tea plantations in the centre, Sri Lanka, also known as The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is full of surprises. From mountain trekking, hiking, and ziplining to diving, rafting, snorkelling, kayaking and surfing, the country offers a range of exciting activities to enjoy. Spending your holiday on this paradise island will never go to waste. We are sure that you will have an unforgettable vacation.
The area of Dambulla in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka is great for Hot Air Ballooning. Balloon flights around Dambulla are taking place early in the morning only if the weather conditions are optimal. It is an amazing tranquil way to enjoy the beauty of the area. Many romantic marriage proposals have been done up in the sky over Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka’s tropical nature is one of the most exotic natures in the world. Most tropical species like slender loris, leopards, wild cats and jungle cats, sloth bears and elephants can be witnessed in Sri Lanka. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is also famous for migrating and indigenous birds.