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Surfing at the south coast

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Sri Lanka’s south coast is a paradise for all surfers. From perfect sandy beach breaks for beginners, easy shore breaks for intermediates to great reef breaks for the experienced. For great surfing conditions, generally the best time to visit the southern or western beaches of Sri Lanka is from November to April.


Weligama, Sri Lanka, is another area where surfers can enjoy beautiful beaches. It is very popular because of the amount of Weligama surfing schools for beginners. Compared to the other seaside villages, Weligama is a bit more bustling. Being the surfer capital of the Sri Lankan coastal area, this town is always busy with surfers of all levels. The perfect time to visit Weligama, Sri Lanka is between December and April, the driest months of the year, although the Weligama Bay is year-round a good place to have your beginners’ surfing lessons.


Lazy Left as its name suggests is a mellow left-hand wave on a deep reef that holds to 2 metres on a good day. You can get some really long rides up to 500 metres on this one and it’s mostly a deep reef.

Midigama is great for intermediate surfers and advanced with a big swell. The perfect first reef break if you are a beginner as it is generally a very predictable wave. Lazy’s works best at low tide so in reverse to most of the other breaks in the region. There is also a Lazy Right, a short paddle from the left.



The Ahangama surf brings sand-bottomed swells for learners. However, it also has rocky points and jagged reefs where intermediates and experts can happily go hunting for glassy lefts and rights.


The left hander at Madiha is Sri Lanka’s best Indonesian impersonation, with the inside section peeling on a razor-edged ledge offering up shallow, perfect tubes on its day. Still relatively undeveloped and a beautiful place to visit.


Mirissa, Sri Lanka, is one of the famous towns at the south coast of Sri Lanka due to the fishermen population and because it’s filled with beautiful beaches, fantastic scenery, and restaurants. Mirissa offers a sandy beach with both left and right-handed waves for surfing. Ideal for skilled beginners and intermediate surfers.


Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, is famous for its beautiful beaches, the coral reefs, and the beautiful ocean views. Like many of the beaches around this paradise island, the Hikkaduwa beach is an excellent spot to relax and lounge. But besides that, surfing in Hikkaduwa is a great experience.

The waves you will find here are not giant in any way, but challenging nevertheless, giving you long minutes of surfing. Hikkaduwa is Sri Lanka’s most popular surfing and tourist region, with a rich variety of reef breaks.

There is constant swell, so you’ll rarely have a flat day, although the onshore wind sometimes makes an appearance during the off seasons.


Unawatuna is a fantastic place to visit because of the beauty of its beach in the South of Sri Lanka. The best thing you can do at Unawatuna beach is to relax under the warm sun or go surfing! Also, scuba diving, snorkelling, stand-up paddling, sea fishing and watching the underwater life from a glass bottom boat are other popular activities that many visitors love doing.

Unawatuna in Sri Lanka is an exposed point break that has consistent surf. November to April is the best time of year for waves. Offshore winds blow from the northwest.


Hiriketiya is known as a bit of a surfer’s paradise. Hiriketiya Sri Lanka is an exquisite bay neighbouring Dikwella, another town in southern Sri Lanka. The atmosphere is slightly different from the other coastal towns as it remains one of the unspoiled beaches. Surfing in the Hiriketiya area is one of the best things to do. It is one of the best spots for beginners and the most experienced surfers as you get all types of waves on Hiriketiya beach.

The best time to surf in Hiriketiya is from November to May, as you get plenty of waves in the sea. February is best for beginners, and the waves are their best from December to May. Hiriketiya is one of the major bay surf points in Sri Lanka. If you want to explore the area while surfing and enjoying your holiday under the sun, at least spend a few days at Hiriketiya.


Surfing Lessons

Sri Lanka is a fantastic choice for a surfing holiday, it has been a popular surf destination since the seventies. From Trincomalee on the east coast and Arugam Bay in the south-east, one of the top surf spots in the world, to lots of other great surf spots along the south coast, including Mirissa and Weligama, to Hikkaduwa, surfers have lots of choices to surf. Sri Lanka’s monsoon weather pattern means that one side of the island is always in season for water sports, so surfing in Sri Lanka is possible all year round. We will take you to the best places for your surfing lessons.

Surf Camps

Doing a surf camp is a holiday where you can combine your holiday with a surf course, one of the most beautiful water sports in the world, together with people who share the same interests. Surf Camp is a lot more, it is an amazing experience that is hard to tell and that is worth doing. SriLankan Pearl has the best surf camps for you with lodging and friendly instructors.

Surf Guided Tours - For experienced surfers

We know that Sri Lanka has the best waves for experienced surfers, our experienced surfer guides will take you to hidden and less famous places to surf around in Sri Lanka. Beaches like Hiriketiya and Arugam Bay are true beauties in this surfers’ paradise.
Surf Guided Tours - for experienced surfers


The tropical island Sri Lanka is an amazing place for watersports. And with hundreds of kilometres of beaches, there are many good places to test your surfing skills, whether you are a beginner or an expert. We’ll show you the best places for surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing in Sri Lanka. Being a tropical country with different monsoon seasons, different places are best at different times.