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Surfing at the east coast

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Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka is a famous surfing destination on the island’s east coast. It is mainly due to the beautiful sandy beaches and the climate. It is a renowned surfer’s paradise, for beginners and advanced. Surf spots such as Whiskey Point, Main Point, Peanut Farm, Elephant Rock, Crocodile Rock are all around. Surf schools and surf camps are plenty. The busy season starts from June and usually lasts until the end of September. East Coast weather is usually hot and a little windy during this season, that is why visitors look forward to Arugam Bay surf.

If you are very much in love with surfing, you must visit Arugam Bay. The best time is July, September, and sometimes also October.

Arugam Bay Main Point

Arugam Bay Main Point is a classic regional point break with potentially a long, 50 to 150 metres ride coming off a series of boulders. The bottom is a sand mixed reef, which is why most total beginners stick to the mini point that’s just on the other side.

Arugam Bay Baby Point

Baby Point is the point all the beginners get their first lessons, here the waves get to around 1 metre high with a right-hand break and shallow sandy bottom. From July to November are the best times to begin your surfing here.
Arugam Bay Baby Point

Pottuvil Point

From August to November Pottuvil Point has a very long right-hand break. You can ride this wave into the shore with a 1000 metres distance to pull some tricks and experience a barrel. Recommended for experienced surfers, but beginners will be prepared enough for this excellent surf after a few weeks of lessons.

Whiskey Point

Whiskey Point in Arugam Bay is a beginner’s heaven, with soft, easy-going rights that break off a boulder point. Swells can pick up to 4 metres in heavy ocean storms, but usually not during Arugam Bay surf season. The chest- or shoulder-high breakers offer plenty of time to practise pop ups.
Whiskey Point
Elephant:crocodile Rock

Elephant/crocodile Rock

This is the place to be in the early morning or late evening as the sun sets. Also, for beginners there is a good length in the wave to have a bit of fun.

Peanut Farm

Peanut Farm is hidden by a lagoon more than 7 kilometres south of the town. The beach break with a sand bottom gets its power from a low headland.


Okanda rewards those who make the 23-kilometre trip: three individual point breaks await here for a range of different levels but are generally strong intermediate and above.


Panama Point is suitable for intermediate surfers. It has a sandy and reef bottom with a wave distance of 200-300 metres reaching 1 to 1.5 metres in wave height.

Surfing Lessons

Sri Lanka is a fantastic choice for a surfing holiday, it has been a popular surf destination since the seventies. From Trincomalee on the east coast and Arugam Bay in the south-east, one of the top surf spots in the world, to lots of other great surf spots along the south coast, including Mirissa and Weligama, to Hikkaduwa, surfers have lots of choices to surf. Sri Lanka’s monsoon weather pattern means that one side of the island is always in season for water sports, so surfing in Sri Lanka is possible all year round. We will take you to the best places for your surfing lessons.

Surf Camps

Doing a surf camp is a holiday where you can combine your holiday with a surf course, one of the most beautiful water sports in the world, together with people who share the same interests. Surf Camp is a lot more, it is an amazing experience that is hard to tell and that is worth doing. SriLankan Pearl has the best surf camps for you with lodging and friendly instructors.

Surf Guided Tours - For experienced surfers

We know that Sri Lanka has the best waves for experienced surfers, our experienced surfer guides will take you to hidden and less famous places to surf around in Sri Lanka. Beaches like Hiriketiya and Arugam Bay are true beauties in this surfers’ paradise.
Surf Guided Tours - for experienced surfers


The tropical island Sri Lanka is an amazing place for watersports. And with hundreds of kilometres of beaches, there are many good places to test your surfing skills, whether you are a beginner or an expert. We’ll show you the best places for surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing in Sri Lanka. Being a tropical country with different monsoon seasons, different places are best at different times.