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Yala National Park

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Yala is a frequently visited national park in Sri Lanka. It is popular because of the leopard density that lives in the park. Elephants crossing the roads within the park is a common site to see, and it is one of the popular reasons that attract visitors. The unique landscape features are one of the other reasons that many visitors get attracted to the park. It stretches from Jungle inlands to the beaches of the Indian ocean. Among the most seen animals you can spot in Yala are herds of elephants, crocodiles, deer, monkeys, birds, buffaloes, and sloth bears. The specialty of Yala lies in the leopards.

The wider variety of animals is the key reason for attracting visitors to Yala in massive numbers. The rich wildlife in Sri Lanka is never a secret, and Yala is one of the witnesses. Yala National Park safari is an event that visitors should not miss. It is a one-of-a-kind experience to see the beauty of nature and animals.

The lakes and small lagoons you meet on the way ensure a lot of wildlife, and it is the perfect spot to see the aquatic birds.

If you want to make your visit to Yala a memorable experience, do not forget the Yala camping sites. The ideal time to visit Yala National Park is from February to June. It is the dry season, and the water levels of the ponds are less. So, most animals who live inland come to the waterways to drink water. Yala provides the best opportunity to view as many species of different animals as possible.


Sri Lanka’s wildlife is one of the mesmerising features that a traveller can enjoy. This island is fortunate to have vivid biodiversity as a tropical country and a tiny island. Our unique Asian country boasts about several species of animals and plants that are endemic species that you can find nowhere in the world.