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Udawalawe National Park

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Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka is famous for its elephant population. It is the ideal place to visit if you are an elephant lover. The park provides shelter to more than 500 resident elephants. The largest population of Asian Elephants live in the Udawalawe National Park. For the best experience, the visitors can choose a Udawalawe National Park safari. They can enjoy the beauty of nature and see most of the elephant herds by booking a Udawalawe jeep safari. If you are considering visiting the Udawalawe National Park, check on the Udawalawe weather.
The best time to visit the park is between December to March and May to September. It is the dry season for the area, and you can see many elephants roaming around in search of water and food. So, you can spot many elephant herds during these times of the year. Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home is one of the places that travelers should experience on their round tour. The visitors can witness at Udawalawe Elephant Orphanage feeding time the feeding of the baby elephants every three hours starting from 9 am. Besides the elephants, the national park also has its other varieties of animals. Eagles, peacocks, crocodiles, bee-eaters, and many other birds live in the Udawalawa National Park. Peacocks are a very common site in this place. You can spot the peacocks with their lovely feathers everywhere. If you wish to experience and enjoy all this, the Udawalawe safari is the best, which makes you enjoy and experience nature to the fullest.


Sri Lanka’s wildlife is one of the mesmerising features that a traveller can enjoy. This island is fortunate to have vivid biodiversity as a tropical country and a tiny island. Our unique Asian country boasts about several species of animals and plants that are endemic species that you can find nowhere in the world.