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Sinharaja Forest

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Sinharaja is famous for its fantastic biodiversity. Situated in the southwest of Sri Lanka, it is the country’s last viable patch of tropical rainforest in Sri Lanka.

The species of animals who live in this habitat are numerous. It is home to 830 endemic species of plants and animals. Many endangered and rare species also live in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. Among them, leopard, Sri Lankan elephant, endemic, purple-faced Langur, Sri Lanka wood pigeon), green-billed Coucal, Sri Lanka white-headed starling Sri Lanka blue magpie, ashy-headed babbler, and Sri Lanka broad-billed roller are the most common. You could spot rare birds, the Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Red-faced Malkoha, the Ashy-headed Babbler, and the White-headed Starling. The rarest is the Green-billed Coucal. Mixed species of searching bird flocks are commonly found in rainforests. Ophiophilists are attracted by snake species like The Green Pit Viper and Hump-nosed Viper are among the snakes living in Sinharaja and are endemic. Other endemics are the Torrent toad as well as the Common House toad. Green Garden Lizards are commonly spotted along nature treks. It is always better to be on alert of the Sinharaja weather. The most suitable time to visit Sinharaja Forest Reserve is between January and May or August to December. Avoid the monsoon season to see any forest or other natural reserves as insects, leeches, bugs, and mosquitoes increase during this time.


Sri Lanka’s wildlife is one of the mesmerising features that a traveller can enjoy. This island is fortunate to have vivid biodiversity as a tropical country and a tiny island. Our unique Asian country boasts about several species of animals and plants that are endemic species that you can find nowhere in the world.