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Kaudulla National Park

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Kaudulla, Sri Lanka, is a place that every tourist should visit to see its biodiversity. Kaudulla National Park is famous for the elephant herds, leopards, and sloth deer that are commonly seen around. Also, this is where you can see the water birds near the waterways.
The best time to visit Kaudulla is the dry season, as all the Elephant herds come to the waterways to quench their thirst, which is called The Gathering. These herds could be spotted around the Kaudulla Wewa area. The time between August to December is the period when you can see the most significant number of wild elephants. The most popular elephant gatherings take place from September to December. So, it is wise to plan the trip accordingly. You can see the elephants during this time either in Kaudulla or Minneriya. Make sure to arrange a Kaudulla National Park Safari to travel through the jungle to spot the animals.


Sri Lanka’s wildlife is one of the mesmerising features that a traveller can enjoy. This island is fortunate to have vivid biodiversity as a tropical country and a tiny island. Our unique Asian country boasts about several species of animals and plants that are endemic species that you can find nowhere in the world.