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Tangalle Beach

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Tangalle is a very relaxed beach town. Like the other towns in the coastal area, Tangalle, Sri Lanka, is always full of local and foreign visitors. Goyambokka beach is one of the famous beaches in Tangalle. It is covered with a bit of forest, giving a different feeling from a tropical beach. It provides the sense of a tiny paradise.

Tangalle beach is the best if you want to avoid the busy crowds. But it has that Sri Lankan authentic culture and the holiday vibe! If your choice is a calm and quiet beach to relax, the quiet beach in Tangalle is the best. Also, the area has superb spots for local food.

An interesting place to visit is the Mulkirigala Rajamaha Viharaya. This is one of the famous Buddhist cave rock monasteries with significant historical value. The visitors can witness the ancient cultural aspects of the country from beautiful paintings and gruesome statue scenes. The perfect time to visit Tangalle is during the dry season. Tangalle weather is warm and dry during the months between November and April.


Sri Lanka is an island paradise. Surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean, we are lucky to enjoy the beauty of the sunsets and the lovely beaches under the sun. Seeing the blue ocean splashing upon the white sand is a blessing. And it is relaxing and mind healing.