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Mirissa Beach

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Mirissa, Sri Lanka, is one of the famous towns at the South coast of Sri Lanka due to the fishermen population. Also, it’s filled with beautiful beaches, fantastic scenery, and restaurants. For the past couple of years, Mirissa has been known as one of the most attractive places in the country.

Mirissa whale watching is another reason for the town to be famous. Besides that, surfing is also a significant activity that makes Mirissa attractive to tourists. There are plenty of great accommodations in Mirissa, as well as at the coast and inland. Most visitors love the Mirissa nightlife as well. There are a lot of pubs and bars in the area that you could hang out at night and chill with some music and drinks and enjoy a beach party. Beach parties also take place on weekdays during the South Season. Among the other activities, visiting the Secret Beach is one of the best. Though it is not a secret anymore, it is indeed a little paradise. The Parrot Rock is also a place you should not miss. The Coconut Tree Hill, which is only a 15-minute walk from Mirissa, is another popular destination many would visit, to check on their Instagram bucket list. The view of the ocean is genuinely unique from here, the colours of the water are amazing.

Do not forget to enjoy some local street food in the area as they are amazingly delicious and unique!


Sri Lanka is an island paradise. Surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean, we are lucky to enjoy the beauty of the sunsets and the lovely beaches under the sun. Seeing the blue ocean splashing upon the white sand is a blessing. And it is relaxing and mind healing.