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Kalutara Beach

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Kalutara, Sri Lanka, is another beach town that has attracted the attention of many visitors due to the Kalutara beach and its cultural importance. Located 45 kilometres from Colombo, Kaluthara is a bustling town.

It is rich with colonial cultural heritage. With the blend of natural beauty, colonial heritage, and cultural importance, there are several exciting places to visit. The Richmond Castle, the Kalutara Bodhiya, and the Fa Hien Caves are some of the most popular sites that many visitors visit. A tour along the Kalu Ganga or the Black River is ideal for nature lovers. You could see many endemic birds and plants along the bay. Also, it is a fantastic experience to ride the boat along the river.

At the Kalutara beaches you will find many hotels in different categories.


Sri Lanka is an island paradise. Surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean, we are lucky to enjoy the beauty of the sunsets and the lovely beaches under the sun. Seeing the blue ocean splashing upon the white sand is a blessing. And it is relaxing and mind healing.