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Hiriketiya Beach

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Hiriketiya beach is known as a bit of a surfer’s paradise. Hiriketiya Sri Lanka is an exquisite bay neighbouring Dikwella, another town in southern Sri Lanka. The atmosphere is slightly different from the other coastal towns as it remains one of the unspoiled beaches. The local cafes that offer food and drinks and the rustic cocktail spots at the water’s edge make it more memorable.
This beach is a 4-hour drive from Colombo. If you are keen on having a relaxing get-away, then this beach is the best fit for you. A green thicket surrounds this oval-shaped bay. Hiriketiya beach is a relatively shorter beach, around 500 metres in length.

Hiriketiya is one of the best surfing points which is ideal for surfers who are at any level. It is the best spot for beginners and the most experienced surfers as you get all types of waves on Hiriketiya beach. The beach is ideal for relaxing. You do not get disturbed by the bustling noises of the nearby cities as Hiriketiya is a little away from its closest town Dikwella.
This bay is full of gentle and fun-filled waves, suitable for beginner-level surfers. Moreover, plenty of advanced reef break waves are waiting for advanced surfers.

Though Hiriketiya is famous as a surfing spot, you can even enjoy swimming. Not only that, but you can also practise yoga on this sandy beach in the mornings.

The visitors can watch the Hummanaya blow hole, one of nature’s fantastic creations. The best time to surf in Hiriketiya is from November to May, as you get plenty of waves in the sea. February is best for beginners, and the waves are their best from December to May. Hiriketiya is one of the major bay surf points in Sri Lanka. Also, most visitors never miss the Dondra Lighthouse, which is situated nearby. If you want to explore the area while surfing and enjoying your holiday in the sun, at least spend a few days at a Hiriketiya beach accommodation. So do not miss this great spot when you travel to Sri Lanka next time.


Sri Lanka is an island paradise. Surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean, we are lucky to enjoy the beauty of the sunsets and the lovely beaches under the sun. Seeing the blue ocean splashing upon the white sand is a blessing. And it is relaxing and mind healing.