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Hikkaduwa Beach

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Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, is famous for its beautiful beaches, the coral reefs, and the beautiful ocean views. Like many of the beaches around this paradise island, the Hikkaduwa beach is also breath-taking. It is an excellent spot to relax and lounge.
But besides that, you can do plenty of other exciting activities in Hikkaduwa, like swimming with sea turtles in Hikkaduwa’s shallow seas is a fantastic experience or being educated about sea turtles in one of the turtle hatcheries. You can also visit the Tsunami Museum, a little away from Hikkaduwa, and see the witnesses of the tragic experience. Sri Pushparama Temple too is located near Hikkaduwa. You can also visit this place if you love Buddhist culture and philosophy. While enjoying the town of Hikkaduwa, do not miss to taste some yummy street food in the area, dine out at great restaurants, get your drink at one of the clubs and party all night at the beach, have your morning coffee and smoothie bowl at trendy places. It is a once of a lifetime experience as some food is only found in these coastal regions. You can spend some time in the local gift and souvenir shops and get some tailor-made clothing done quickly. A boat tour at the Hikkaduwa Lake, surfing, and fishing are the other adventurous activities you could do if you stay for a few days in Hikkaduwa. Hikkaduwa has numerous great places to stay overnight, from luxury hotels and private boutique villas to cute beach cabanas and friendly guesthouses.


Sri Lanka is an island paradise. Surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean, we are lucky to enjoy the beauty of the sunsets and the lovely beaches under the sun. Seeing the blue ocean splashing upon the white sand is a blessing. And it is relaxing and mind healing.